Stereotype Event 2016

The Yoga Experience

This annual event celebrates eating disorder recovery, substance abuse recovery and initiatives to support Inner Door Foundation. Come to experience the yoga philosophy in its fullest, enjoy music, mindful eating and gain education to support Inner door Foundation's mission, which raises awareness about eating disorders prevention and recovery. Enjoy specialized yoga workshops taught by local studio instructors and Inner Door Center yoga therapists. Visit the newly renovated Inner Door Center facility, tour and contribute to our healing garden, reconnect with past clients and staff and much more!

Eating disorders are more common than they appear. By learning about them and the stories of those who struggle, others may learn that they in fact present signs of “disordered eating.” Hopefully by breaking the barrier that separates those with eating disorders, the real issues of food and body image that plague the masses will be able to be discussed freely and therefore, slowly healed.



Stereotype Event 2014: "Yoga-thon"

Saturday in June 2016 


Yoga Workshop and event schedule will be announced closer to event date.




Inner Door Foundation was created, in 2006, to raise public awareness about eating disorders and promote education of holistic treatment. 

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