Reconnect with Recovery reconnect-recovery

Reconnect with Recovery


To continue your journey of growth and balance, we cordially invite you to our FREE support program Reconnect with Recovery.


-Group support

-Share your successes, struggles and insight into what motivates your recovery

-Reconnect with Yoga-based healing

-Connect with past and present program clients


Each month's programming will offer yoga along with a special topic of discussion/support. Reunite with past and meet current Inner Door Center® clients in all stages of recovery. Topic requests are always welcome.


All current and former clients -- of any Inner Door Center® program -- are welcome, along with individuals that would like to learn more about our eating disorder treatment programs and outpatient therapy programs for substance abuse and a variety of psychological concerns.



Bring a mat and towel to practice yoga, dress comfortably. A variety of snacks will be served during Reconnect with Recovery.


The following two online forms must be completed prior to entering this program:

1. Yoga Based Programs/Support Groups - Consent and Policy Release

2. Yoga Based Programs/Support Groups - Release From Liability

3. Evaluation of Support Group

Sponsored by the Inner Door Foundation
Next program: Saturday, September 19, 2015 11:00 am - 1:00 pm
Free of charge, but registration required.