February: Eating Disorder Awareness Month 

Inner Door Center® and Foundation introduce Yoga Therapy in eating disorders to the community this month.

Yoga Studios and local community groups will host an honorary Yoga with proceeds to support Inner Door Foundation; a non-profit organization that raises public awareness about eating disorders and promotes education of holistic treatment.


Special Events

Delta Phi Epsilon, University of Michigan Dearborn 

Tues. Feb. 11, 7–9:30 p.m.

 *Nia class taught by Brooke Mallon, RYT, Yoga Therapist, BFA, Performing Arts & Recovery Coach of Inner Door Center


Shine On Yoga 

Sun. Feb. 16, 1–2 p.m.

*Yoga class taught by Brooke Mallon, RYT, Yoga Therapist, BFA, Performing Arts & Recovery Coach

Open to the public, donations appreciated.


Everyday Yoga

Sun. Feb. 23, 10:15–11:15a.m.

 *Yoga class taught by Jaclyn Mucaria, 500 RYT, Yoga Therapist


Michigan State University: Spartan Body Pride

Wed. Feb. 26, 7–8:30 p.m.


Donations to Inner Door Foundation are tax exemptible and can be made at event locations or online at http://www.innerdoorcenter.com/index.php/foundation.



"This program has completely shifted and reshaped my way of thinking--not only my body and eating philosophy-- but it has begun to form my sense of spirituality. I've been introduced to yoga due to the program. Yoga, so far, has been a vital contribution to my recovery. Thanks to the program, I have also been introduced to some amazing people who have provided me a healthy, inviting platform to discuss my eating disorder. It is because of the people, the yoga and the program that I am finally motivated to seek a life of recovery and happiness."

Jerilyn C.
Ferndale, MI
"The people in my group were the most useful and inspiring. I felt that each and every one of them made an impact on me."

Laura N.
Bloomfield Hills, MI
"I learned that the answer to my relationship with food is inside of me. This workshop helped me open up and learn to be kinder to myself and others."

Kelly O.
Scottsdale, AZ
"I learned that I am not alone in my private struggle and that my experience and advice can help others."

Tracey K.
Ann Arbor, MI
"This program is even more powerful when you are introduced to yoga."

Barb W.
Saline, MI
"The Reconnect with Food® Intensive was enlightening and spiritually awakening. I enjoyed connecting with people similar to me. It felt good to bond and talk with others in the same boat."

Frances S.

St. Clair Shores, MI
"Thank you for the opportunity to experience this ‘mind gym.’ I learned tools to help me in all aspects of life—eating is just a small part. It was truly life changing. Bev, you’re a genius!"

Wendy L.
Hazel Park, MI
"I learned about the yoga itself, about sharing ourselves and about the strength we all have."

Teresa Z.
Livonia, MI
"I learned so much that it would be impossible to not use the information in my everyday life."

Maggie C.
Grosse Ile, MI
"For me, this is a mental check in knowing that there is a place to go for support."

Jessica N.
Warren, MI
"The Reconnect with Food Program was a truly transformational experience. It deeply healed hurt parts of me that I didn't even know existed. I feel much more grounded, purposeful, and present. I am more connected with and loving of all aspects of myself, which has allowed me to feel more connected to others. I feel free of so many of the ways I was holding myself back and keeping myself stuck. I am happier than than I have been in a long time. I came here to address an eating disorder, but I left with experiences, understandings, and tools that have changed the way I live my life. I truly feel that after this experience I have everything I need to face any challenge that I may encounter, that I don't have to struggle through life anymore. This program is indescribable. It is unlike any advice I've been given or anything I've read in a book, because it is a deep, personal and holistic experience."

Nicole D.
Sausalito, CA
"I have struggled for over 7 years with Anorexia, this program has given me my life back. I'm free of the obsession with food, and the idea of perfection. I can finally move on and enjoy my life, with the weight now lifted off my shoulders. I never thought I could do it until I came here, and all these wonderful people helped me in this journey, I'm extremely grateful. "

Nikki P.